Sheffield Weather

Welcome to the Sheffield Weather Page. A Weather site dedicated to the weather of Sheffield South Yorkshire united kingdom. Here you will find live weather feeds, lightning detection and records of the weather going back to 1955. I also do a local forecast five day weather forecast Sheffield and Rotherham.

The family has been recording weather since 1955 and over the years the recording of weather has moved into the digital world allowing me to present live weather data so you can see what the wind is doing , how hot it’s getting or how cold it’s getting. You can check whether there are any storms nearby by looking at the live lightning.

If you’re looking for data well you can access the electronic data from 2002 to present and also Weather data recorded via the Stephenson screen since 2006. You can also access all of the temperature and rainfall averages from 1955.

If you’re wishing to have a copy of the data drop me a line via the email button and I’ll get back to you. If you do use the data either on a web site or for any scientific papers please Donate by clicking on the Donate menu. This will help to replace equipment used for the site which is very expensive and does wear out over the years or simple gets broken. I would also be interested in any papers that are published so send me the link. I may even link to the paper from this web site.

The image on the left shows mist and sunlight through the woods walking up to Stannage edge in the Derbyshire peak district.

Latest News

I've updated the New five day forecast page which now has a general Synopsis section and also a quick summery. You cna see the latest on the present heatwave.

For the latest forecast for the Sheffield region   Click here.

The weather data for June 2024, including the monthly reports are now available on the website as is the seasonal report for Spring 2024. I've also altered the top ten warmest, coldest and rainfall monthly records to show the top twenty years. The new Boltek antenna is now back working hopefully without ranging issues after new cabling.

The web site has been updated further to correct with some issues with mobile devices. The web site is still based on templates from Neil Thomas. The site is now truly responsive in nature with faster loading times. I've added some reviews on the Davis Vantage pro2 , New tipping bucket from Davis, the WiFi logger and now the Davis Sonic and analogue Anemometers. The live weather page also now displays the full range pollution levels plus soil moisture leaf wetness grass min and sun temperatures and also soil temperatures. There is also a new weather trends graph with soil temperatures, soil moisture and Leaf Wetness now available. The trends graph has been updated so it now shows the soil temperatures and air pollution. There is also a report into the Snow storm in March. Under glossaries you'll see a new page explaining Air Pollution measurements.

Due to Elon Musk changes to twitter API I'm now an X twitter and link directly to weathercloud instead. This does have one advantage that allows you to compare to local weather stations as well.

Those looking for last months data will find it here. Monthly average values can be found on this

The Davis weather station can be found here. Those wishing to see the Davis yearly records can look here. The monthly Davis records from 2003 can seen here. The Davis weather station all records can be seen here.

Web Sites of Interest

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